Our Thesis

Curvejumping is built on the premise that great ideas are at the foundation of how we're going to collectively reshape business, culture and the world around us. We see our mission as twofold:

+  Deeply understand how the greatest innovators jump the curve, come up with breakthrough ideas that matter and consistently make them reality.

+  Share this knowledge with people and teams seeking to learn how to do it for themselves.



Our Team

Megan Beck


Alex Hillinger


Crista Valentino

Megan takes raw ideas and makes them happen.

Among her superpowers are the ability to ask the hard questions, create structure from thin air and get people and ideas hustling together in the right direction.

Megan's career spans the Grameen Foundation, Acumen Fund and Vittana where she focused on program design, business strategy and the integration of technology and social impact.


Alex helps people generate game-changing strategies and grow deeply engaged communities.

Known as an unconventional and creative strategist, Alex has worked with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, artists and athletes in the world. Along the way, he's pioneered new business models, grown great brands and collaborated on world-changing products.

He is currently an advisor to Google's Crisis Response team and CreativeLive's executive team. His business experience includes taking Groove Technology public and work with numerous startups on marketing and branding, business strategy, social media strategy and content creation.


Crista is our Curvejumping ninja with the ability to solve virtually any problem.

Her ability to anticipate situations before they happen, come up with a plan and get it done is unparalleled.

She has developed programs and events for organizations like CoalitionWILD and the Murie Center.


Our Advisors

Ben Keighran

Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder/CEO of Chomp, sold to Apple. Founder/CEO of Caffeine.


Gary Bolles & Heidi Kleinmaus

Partners, Charrette LLC, Co-founders SOCAP, Co-founders Closing The Gap, consulting producers Google Zeitgeist 2005-2013


Chase Jarvis

Co-founder/CEO, CreativeLive. Artist/Photographer/Creativity Blogger.


David Fleck

COO, Disqus