What is Curvejump?

Our mission with Curvejump is to empower people & teams with creative capabilities to generate breakthrough ideas that result in game-changing products, services and growth on new curves of innovation.

Curvejump events bring together our community of innovators at the forefront of technology, design, art, athletics, media and entertainment.

Participants have seen long lasting value from our events - from key hires, new business partnerships and new friends.  Our events are best for people interested in building in depth relationships that can advance your business and personal goals.

How do I attend Curvejump?

Curvejump events are highly curated and by invitation only.  To request an invitation please contact us and tell us a little about why you would be a good fit.

If price is a barrier, please contact us and let us know.  We have secured a limited number of scholarships available to participants that can contribute to the vibrancy of the group.

I have a busy schedule.  How can I commit to something 5 months away?

We get it, but this is an event worth prioritizing and putting on your calendar.  In our experience, the participants that get the most out of the experience make the commitment and plan around it.

Passes are fully refundable through December 15th, 2017 and if something comes up last minute, we’ll work with you to refund what we can.

Who’s going to be there?

We’ve curated a group of incredible innovators at the top of their fields in technology, art, athletics, science and education.  You will know some of them by name andothers you will not. Regardless, everyone is amazing and has a lot of knowledge to share.  

We’ve deliberately avoided playing the big name  status and fame game, and instead have focused on excellent people at the top of their game who are the true doers, changemakers and leaders in their fields.  

You can get a sense for our community here.  Let us know if you to talk with a past participant about their personal experience at Curvejump.

This sounds like too much fun.  Can I really expense this as a business conference?

Who said conferences have to suck in order to be worthwhile?  You’re at your best when you’re feeling expansive and creatively inspired.

Many Curvejump participants expense this to professional development or conference funds.  We can give you the language and tools to explain how your work will benefit from this event.

Can I bring my partner?

All Curvejump participants should be excited to participate and contribute to the event.  If your spouse is excited about being part of the event, please let us know and we can extend an invitation.

If your spouse would like to join and explore Jackson on their own during the day, we offer a partner ticket price for those attending who plan to join group meals and activities.

Can I bring my family?

 If you are interested in bringing your family, please contact us and we can assist you by making recommendations for childcare options, including babysitter referrals. 

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers kid’s day camps for skiing and snowboarding, and Hotel Terra’s rooms are condos that are babysitter friendly.  Our event structure allows you to bring your family with the right advance planning.