Spotify Strategic Visioning

The Client

With its massive user base, top notch interface and focus on curation, Spotify is a powerhouse in the music industry.  Spotify’s Creator Services team plays a crucial role interfacing with artists, managers and other key players in the music industry.

The Challenge

Spotify’s Creator Services team approached us with a desire to take 75 members of the global Creator Services team offsite for a 2 day workshop focused on teambuilding, creative inspiration and strategic visioning.  

The Solution

We designed and produced a 2 day Curvejumping workshop in Santa Barbara, CA for the Creator Services team.  A few highlights of the offsite included:

  • Sessions focused on techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily work to better manage stress, and outdoor sessions that allowed the team to spend time away from the office and reconnect with each other as people

  • A curated panel discussion with manager Jake Udell and musician/Girlschool founder Anna Bulbrook on how Spotify can be the best partner to artists

  • An interactive mural painting session with professional artist Justin Kane Elder

  • A Curvejumping-facilitated brainstorming session focused on new idea generation

  • A private chef’s dinner in the home gallery of a local glass artist

  • Intimate musical performances from musicians in the Spotify community

The Outcome

This workshop enabled Spotify’s Creator Services team to reconnect with their shared sense of creative inspiration and purpose. The offsite gave them a much needed opportunity to reconnect with each other as people and collaborators, something they committed to doing more often as a regular practice.

In the words of one participant, “We can be more creative by working together and working faster would allow for even more collaboration.”

Megan Beck