Three Questions and a Fist Bump: Mike Alfred

It's fair to say Mike Alfred is a CEO's CEO, intensely smart, decisive and focused on leading his organization to greatness.

What separates Mike from most driven, type A entrepreneurs is his dedication to balancing time in the office with time spent outside training for and running ultramarathons.

"When my running is going really well, the company is usually doing really well because I'm able to find the time to think about problems in a different way."

The three questions we asked Mike Alfred:
1. As an entrepreneur and competitive ultra marathon runner, how do you make time in your life for both?
2. What the best way to attract and retain great people at your company?
3. What’s the biggest mistake people make in their financial planning and what can be done to correct it?

Fist bump: Who is someone jumping the curve in their respective field, and why would you want to give them a fist bump for it?

Mike's fist bump goes to World Champion poker player Fedor Holz. Here's a recent interview with Fedor where he reveals he really doesn't care much about poker, but he does care a great deal about education.

Mike Alfred is co-founder and CEO of BrightScope, a financial services firm based in San Diego that he co-founded with his brother Ryan in 2008. BrightScope's innovative use of big data helps consumers and organizations make more informed decisions about 401k plans and a range of financial decisions.

Alex Hillinger