Three Questions and a Fist Bump: Dan Ariely

To kick off Curvejump's new interview series entitled 'Three Questions and a Fist Bump' we reached out to renowned behavioral economist and Duke University professor Dan Ariely for his perspective on entrepreneurship, global warming and why we're such poor predictors of our own behavior.

Here's what we asked Dan:

1. Why are people poor predictors of their actual behaviors vs what they imagine they’d do in a given situation?
2. How can behavioral economics help to increase innovation towards reducing our carbon footprint as a civilization?
3. Are entrepreneurs irrational by definition?

Fist bump: Who is someone jumping the curve in their respective field, and why would you want to give them a fist bump for it?

Here's a video by Mike Norton, the Harvard University researcher who Dan Ariely chose for his fist bump: TEDxCambridge

Big thanks to Dan Ariely for his great work, fresh perspective and help in bringing this video series to life.

You can follow Dan at or visit his website at

Alex Hillinger