Penny Abeywardena: Cities as a Platform for Progress

In October 2017, the Curvejump NYC community gathered at Frankies 457 for an evening of insightful discussion and new connections in a beautiful setting.

We were honored to host Penny Abeywardena, NYC's Commissioner for International Affairs, for a conversation about cities as a catalyst for global progress.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening a special experience.  

Our chat with Penny coincided with NYC's announced plan to reduce the city's carbon emissions - a leadership move we commend.

A few highlights of our conversation with Penny:

  • Leadership can be found anywhere that groups and entities decide to take responsibility for affecting positive change.  Penny shared NYC's work collaborating with cities of all sizes around the globe to share and learn from successful programs and approaches.


  • NYC values and celebrates the power of diversity, and is working to build a more just, inclusive, and equitable world.  The City is proud to share NYC values on the global stage.


  • While government policy can seem abstract, local politics - from school boards to council meetings - are a great place for citizens to engage and have an impact on their local communities.


You can follow Penny and NYC's Office of International Affairs:

·         Twitter: @globalnyc
·         Facebook:
·         Instagram: @nycinternationalaffairs
·         Website:

Megan Beck