Chase Jarvis: A Curated Group of Amazing Humans

Chase Jarvis is a photographer, artist and entrepreneur. He is cofounder and CEO of online creative education company CreativeLive.

"I connected more deeply with new and existing friends at Curvejump just being in that environment: being outside and interacting, being active instead of sitting behind some desk in a bullsh_t conference room at a bullsh_t convention center... It's real and the connections I made through self expression and exploring were a great reminder of how powerful getting together in interesting places can be."

Chase Jarvis has always been at the epicenter of creativity and technology. His pioneering blog earned him a large and deeply engaged following of creative professionals who have supported his efforts to launch groundbreaking apps (The Best Camera), companies (CreativeLive) and numerous artistic endeavors from photo books to a residency at New York's Ace Hotel.

Chase has been an ardent supporter and participant in Curvejump as well as a steadfast mentor to cofounders Alex Hillinger and Megan Beck.

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